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06 Apr '16

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5 Tips on Drone Video Editing

We’ve just wrapped up a six-week project for Time Out London, helping produce two films for their Seen Before Sunrise campaign for Nescafe Azeera Coffee to Go.

The main feature is a beautifully crafted aerial cinematography piece; combining iconic London … Read More


Have you ever tried taking a long exposure picture of your friend writing his name with a torchlight in the dark? Exciting right? Now, have you ever tried to reproduce the Mona Lisa in the same way? An … Read More

09 Nov '12

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Viral Videos

There have over time been some amazing videos gone viral. Cadbury’s gorilla, Judd Laipply’s Evolution of Dance, and recently PSY’s Gangnam style have taken the world by storm. But what is it that makes a video successful?

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31 Oct '12

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The Social Media Zombie Apocalypse

Love this awesome Halloween themed infograph making fun of social media “zombies”. Very creative! I definitely know some victims of this apocalypse, do you?

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