August 20, 2012

Take Part in the Digital Revolution With Your Very Own Promotional Videos


Any business worth its salt would know that it has to put itself out there in order to get ahead of the competition. This is why most enterprises do everything they can to promote their products and offerings – in years past, going the traditional route with print media, and today, going the digital route with their own websites, blogs, social network pages, and promotional videos.

It’s perfectly true that a company can only benefit from exposure. With globalisation on the rise, it’s a must for a business to let potential clients know it exists. But with all the digital marketing trends coming up, nothing can come quite close to video production.

People are attracted to the visual, and there’s no denying it. The look and ambience of a commercial establishment, for instance, can help promote it to the right customers. And when it comes to digital media, a video creates a tremendous impact, whether you’re a business based in a remote village in South America or the trendy city of London.

Reach out to a broader audience

Did you know that YouTube has over 4 billion views every single day? Moreover, 78% of Internet users watch a video at least once a week, and 55% of Internet users watch a video every day. For any business, this means a unique opportunity. You can create your own promotional ads, web series, viral videos, video blogs, and so much more.

And you are not limiting yourself to just your own geographical area – you are actually exposing your brand and image to the whole world.

Get the immediate attention of your target market

Nothing gets the attention of a potential customer more than something that is as attractive – and sometimes as interactive – as a video. Case in point: It takes an average of eight seconds for a visitor of your website to decide whether they want to stay or not. With a video, eight seconds is seemingly infinite. A lot can get across in a span of eight seconds. Videos also have a markedly lasting impact compared to other media forms like print ads. If you make a uniquely interesting video, individuals can talk about it, share it with their friends and colleagues, and spread the word about your company in more ways than one.

Easily measure your impact

There are various analytical tools you can use in order to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. But whilst it is quite hard to really know the actual impact of a print ad, since you can’t measure how many people have read your ad (you can merely take an educated guess), video is different. You can easily measure the success of your video by how many people have viewed it. It’s that simple.

Take advantage of mobile development

One major technological innovation today is mobile development. Millions of individuals now have smartphones, which they can use to watch your videos. This means that your video has a greater chance of being watched at any time of day. Your video can become easily accessible to anyone with just a simple click or tap.

However, it’s important to choose a video production outfit that can understand your set goals and objectives. This way, you can stay ahead of the game.

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