November 22, 2012

Simple Social Media Tips for Businesses


Being part of the Millennial Generation, I have grown up surrounded by social media. However, over the years, I have seen social sites boom to a point, where now there are an unbelievable number of said sites. The key to running a successful social media campaign is the ability to be engaging and valuable on whatever platform you are using. Here is a quick overview of the main social platforms and how to best utilize them:

Facebook – Obviously the most used social media site. Business pages are vital; the most successful posts are ones that are creative, especially if you have a photograph. Facebook has now become open to marketing with promoted posts and targeted posts. The main users still expect it to be a personal friendship site, so posts need to be personal and worth their time.

Great to build a loyal group of fans! Tip: Reward your fans.

Facebook Promotion Mr Kiplings


Twitter – Worked its way to be the next most used social media site. What people look for from Twitter is unique and newsworthy content. Unfortunately for daily publishers, people now turn to Twitter for news content, but a lot of the same stuff is constantly being shared, so you need to stand out in the stream.

Great to show off your personality! Tip: Have an entertaining avatar & clear voice

Think Geek Tweet


LinkedIn – Originally a place for person-to-person business related interactions, LinkedIn has also adapted to the need to include companies. This is the site you want to be on to recruit for your company. There is also the opportunity to share content, so you can validate yourself as an expert in the field.

Great to build a large professional network! Tip: LinkedIn beat major job boards 3 to 1 on applicant quality – use it.

ZipCar Linkedin Jobs Page


Google+ – Unlike what was first expected, G+ did not explode into the social media world and take down Facebook. In fact, it almost flopped, attracting over 400 million users in the first year, but only having 100 million of them be active users. However, in true Google fashion, there are no obvious signs of them giving up, so G+ is going nowhere. The site will continue to change until it becomes significant.

Great for SEO purposes, Google loves to help themselves! Tip: Use fun and creative images for your profile to engage potential fans.

Pepsi Google Plus Cover Photo


Pinterest – In the past few years, Pinterest has had the most impressive boom in social success, being called the site that flourished over night. The ability for you to have an online creative space that also allows for interaction with peers, consumers and businesses is unique. Although Pinterest is most beneficial for e-commerce sites, it can also be helpful for businesses that create visually appealing content.

Great for e-commerce and driving traffic! Tip: Host a contest

Guess Pinterest Color Me Inspired Contest


Myspace – I know you are thinking, “didn’t MySpace die about 5 years ago,” but under its new ownership by Specific Media, I see a comeback. Planning to relaunch within the next year as a predominantly music site, the social aspect of the site will help it rival Pandora and Spotify. The preview of new site shows an area for statuses, mixes, events, friends and more. This could be the next big social site for all those in the music industry.

Great for discovery! Tip: Jump onto this platform as soon as it resurfaces so you can get a full grasp of all its new features.

Justin Timberlake Myspace Profile

As previously mentioned, there are tons of social sites and all of them could bring a unique advantage to the company behind them. It is expected and necessary to have more than one social account, however it is vital that each one is a strong representation of your brand.  Go claim your domain and start becoming a social company!

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