November 10, 2015

Do I Really Need Professional Web Design?

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With several DIY website building tools available, this question is more relevant than ever. You have probably noticed at least one poorly laid out site, or been annoyed by constant spelling mistakes and bad English.

You have probably also viewed a site on your mobile device (which is a growing method of viewing), that hasn’t used responsive web-design, and found most of the content too small for you to see anyway.

Even if we take the simple mistakes out of the equation and use a best case scenario, the end result is still going to be a far cry from a website created using a dedicated team of professionals.

So why do people do it?

There are a couple of reasons people may go down the DIY route. Maybe it is genuinely the right choice for them. If you’re setting up a website for one of your children’s sports teams, which will only ever have a limited audience, using a budget smaller than the average politicians heart, then professional design would probably be overkill. With just a bit of practice and knowledge you can create a very basic site that will serve your purpose.

People can be put off from even getting a quote because they presume they won’t be able to afford it. If this is worrying you, then please don’t let it. Website design is more affordable than ever, you might even be pleasantly surprised by just how little it costs to get a top notch website. We are also a friendly bunch, and are happy to have a chat and answer your questions. There will be no hard sell.

What does a well-designed site look like?

The vast majority of well-designed websites go unnoticed. This is not because they aren’t noteworthy in any way, but because they work. Instead of sitting appreciating the aesthetic or interactivity of the site, your visitor is doing what they came to your site to do, engaging with your company in its digital home.

First impressions count

This digital home will leave an impression. If it’s a bit of a mess and awkward to use, it will stick out like a sore thumb. If it’s the digital equivalent of a show home they won’t even notice, but it will affect their impression of your company.

The messy digital home, with the metaphorical burnt out car on the front lawn, rubbish on the floor and saucepans precariously balancing in the sink, sends a message to your potential customers.

  • This company is unprofessional
  • They don’t mind cutting corners
  • This company doesn’t care

Not many companies would consider any of the above statements a good first impression.

The well-designed show home will at least maintain, if not enhance your customer’s opinion of your company. It will provide the information or product they want in a visually pleasing and easy to navigate way. It will incorporate countless factors so seamlessly they won’t even notice that it all just works.

What factors?

A fully optimised website professionally hosted will give the quickest load times. Being fast is a big plus in the digital world.

Responsive web design means your site will automatically adapt to any device it is viewed on, always giving your potential customer the best possible experience.

Professionally prepared content by experienced copywriters will not only engage your customers and increase your conversion rate, but it will also perform its SEO tasks and increase your visibility in search engine results.

An exciting and impressive design that’s unique to you. Unlike a template, a custom design can be built with your goals in mind. Many companies have been very successful concentrating heavily on the design factor, as this is ultimately the visual representation of your brand.

Extra advantages

As well as making the desired first impression, a professionally designed website has many other advantages.

You’ll make more money: It will be optimised to maximise your sales. A good overall experience also dramatically increases the chance of a first time customer returning. Automated services can also be incorporated to save you time and increase productivity.

You’ll save time: A professional site design won’t just look pretty; it will also be an effective tool. E.g. Automating booking appointments through your website can be incorporated into many service based companies, and saves you having to manually book the appointment. It also provides an extra option for your customer’s convenience, and creates an opportunity to promote additional relevant services.

It never sleeps: When a website has been professionally designed the content is working for you 24/7. It will be enhancing your SEO, your reputation, and making aspects of your business available at your customers convenience, rather than within set hours.

So what now?

The answer to the opening question in the title of this blog is a resounding ‘YES!’ All that’s left to do now is to get in touch.

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