January 30, 2014


Have you ever tried taking a long exposure picture of your friend writing his name with a torchlight in the dark? Exciting right? Now, have you ever tried to reproduce the Mona Lisa in the same way?
An awesome Kickstarter campaign from Bitbangers Labs has recently been funded (well over the top), giving  birth to Pixelstick, the most advanced light painting tool we have seen so far.
It consist in 198 full color LEDs fixed into a light weight aluminium housing, covered by a diffusion screen and features a controller which allows you adjust settings and choose images from an SD card. Powered just by 8 AA batteries, Pixelstic works with images prepped in Photoshop or similar softwares, displaying one line at the time, reproducing fine detailed images and beautifully coloured abstract creations.
As for now, there is only a fully functional prototype, but you can get your Pixelstic at with shipping expected for May 2014.
So turn off the lights, the show is going to start.

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