July 21, 2011

DS Teams Up with Alias Hire.

On Tuesday, November 30th, we’re meeting with Danny from Alias Hire to start work on what’s set to be a cool online video series.

Alias are a big video camera and equipment hire company, and Digital Snowball are currently working on a revamp of their online catalogue and branding.

Part of that work involves creating video reviews of the latest and greatest equipment to come through their doors.

The plan right now is to create a long-running series of 3-minute videos, where Danny, the resident expert, will review, critique, and test out all the newest equipment.

These videos will be posted online, on the Alias website and on YouTube. The idea is to attract traffic to the Alias site, as new cameras tend to create quite a buzz in the industry.

We’re pretty excited to be helping Alias create these videos- We’re confident that it’ll be a highly successful publicity campaign, and it should be a fun project for us, as it means we’ll get to see all the latest and greatest stuff going on in the world of video.

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