Gadgets - Digital Snowball


Have you ever tried taking a long exposure picture of your friend writing his name with a torchlight in the dark? Exciting right? Now, have you ever tried to reproduce the Mona Lisa in the same way? An … Read More

05 Feb '13

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3D Printing

3D printing has been a work in progress for many years, but it isn’t until recently that a lot of people have begun to understand it and see the potential. If someone had told me in my teen years … Read More

14 Jan '13

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Gadgets and Fun Stuff

In the world of technology, time moves very fast. There are constantly new gadgets and toys being released. Some turn out to be pointless or over the top (like the iPotty for kids…yeah, just google it), but some of … Read More

08 Jan '13

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To be digital or not to be digital

Having just recently read an article about digital addiction in 2013, I thought it only appropriate to look at all the ways that social media and technology has helped this world. It is true that the digital evolution makes … Read More

07 Nov '12

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5 Apps I Could Not Intern Abroad Without

During my past 2 months in London, using an Alcatel brick of a phone, I have come to miss and appreciate my 3G network and a constantly usable iPhone more than expected. Thankfully, whenever I can connect to a … Read More

03 Jul '12

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Eco-Friendly Gadgets

When looking at top web designs, I recently stumbled across, a site designed to create awareness of the impact that Internet usage has on the environment. It creatively calculates how much CO2 you emit, by measuring the amount of emails … Read More