08 Jan '13

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To be digital or not to be digital

Having just recently read an article about digital addiction in 2013, I thought it only appropriate to look at all the ways that social media and technology has helped this world. It is true that the digital evolution makes … Read More

31 Dec '12

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Goodbye 2012

Today is the last day of 2012, meaning it is time to reflect on everything that has happened in the year gone by. For Digital Snowball, 2012 has brought many changes. We have welcomed new team members, some at … Read More

29 Nov '12

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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Goodbye Digital Snowball, Goodbye Hackney Wick, and Goodbye London. Today is my last day at Digital Snowball and I am truly sad to say goodbye to the work and people here.  These past 7 weeks have been an … Read More

22 Nov '12

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Simple Social Media Tips for Businesses

Being part of the Millennial Generation, I have grown up surrounded by social media. However, over the years, I have seen social sites boom to a point, where now there are an unbelievable number of said sites. The key … Read More

09 Nov '12

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Viral Videos

There have over time been some amazing videos gone viral. Cadbury’s gorilla, Judd Laipply’s Evolution of Dance, and recently PSY’s Gangnam style have taken the world by storm. But what is it that makes a video successful?

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07 Nov '12

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5 Apps I Could Not Intern Abroad Without

During my past 2 months in London, using an Alcatel brick of a phone, I have come to miss and appreciate my 3G network and a constantly usable iPhone more than expected. Thankfully, whenever I can connect to a … Read More

31 Oct '12

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The Social Media Zombie Apocalypse

Love this awesome Halloween themed infograph making fun of social media “zombies”. Very creative! I definitely know some victims of this apocalypse, do you?

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Also, check out our services for digital marketing in … Read More

29 Oct '12

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Apple vs. Google: Rivals of the Century

Apple and Google, when the companies first started no one would have expected them to be rivals. The companies run in different sectors, which should work together in unison, not compete. However, as the Internet and technology continue to evolve … Read More

25 Oct '12

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An American Intern in London

Hi Digital Snowball readers, my name is Lydia Jenkins and I am the new intern here in East London.

Although I am a British citizen, born in Wales, after living in the United States for the past 13 years, I … Read More

20 Aug '12

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Take Part in the Digital Revolution With Your Very Own Promotional Videos

Any business worth its salt would know that it has to put itself out there in order to get ahead of the competition. This is why most enterprises do everything they can to promote their products and offerings – … Read More