October 29, 2012

Apple vs. Google: Rivals of the Century

Apple and Google, when the companies first started no one would have expected them to be rivals. The companies run in different sectors, which should work together in unison, not compete. However, as the Internet and technology continue to evolve so do the companies that rule them. In today’s society, both Apple and Google have become brands that rule the world, so much so that they have worked their way into language as more than simply brand names: i.e. – Google becoming a verb or Apple becoming a globally recognized logo.

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Obviously, with both companies becoming such an integral part of everyday life, it is no surprise that they have finally started to become more competitive. Honestly though, I had no idea that there was tension or overlap between the two until a few weeks back when I updated my iPhone.

As I waited my 30 minutes for the new iOS6, all I was expecting was a few new pages of emojis that everyone had raved about. So after I checked them all out I started to scroll through my phone and apps to see what else was new. As a frequent commuter and traveller, one of my biggest concerns was that Google Maps was replaced. I depend on Google Maps as frequently as I depend on Oxygen, okay maybe that’s slightly dramatic but it certainly feels that way. Anyway, I assumed that Apple had created a new and better map, which is why they replaced the old app, unfortunately that was far from the truth. Upon deeper exploration of the update I came to realize that the Google and Apple’s relationship must be completely disintegrated as YouTube was also removed. YouTube was an app that was integrated into iPhone’s from the start, and it was not replaced with an Apple video-playing app. I still don’t know why Apple made this dramatic cut from Google, but it drastically affects how the public views its product.

More recently, I noticed that the competition has become quite tangible between the two companies. The big rivalry that has sprung up is between the iPad Mini and the Google Nexus 7. As with any new product release, people have started to analyze and critique the iPad mini. I was genuinely surprised when the comparison was not the older iPad, which for Apple is typical to be compared to itself, but the Google Nexus 7. With Apple venturing over into Google’s territory and Google doing the same to Apple, it shouldn’t be long until there is an all out battle between the tech and Internet giants. I personally don’t know whether to be excited or terrified for this day. What do you think is going to happen?

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