October 25, 2012

An American Intern in London

Hi Digital Snowball readers, my name is Lydia Jenkins and I am the new intern here in East London.

Although I am a British citizen, born in Wales, after living in the United States for the past 13 years, I still feel like a foreigner in London. Even more so, I feel very out of place in East London, where the Digital Snowball office is located. On my first trip out to Hackney Wick, for my interview, I stepped off the train and had to check that I was in the right place. London is a city notorious for royalty, excessive wealth and snobby old people. East London, has none of the afore mentioned, in fact, this area reminds me of Brooklyn, NY. For those who have never been to Brooklyn, it is the artistic epicentre of New York. Hackney Wick is filled with ‘hipster’ people doing creative things. Everything from the hairstyles and clothes to the buildings are unique and expressive. I, on the other hand, have an intrinsic belief that I am the least creative person on the planet, which I have been told multiple times is untrue.

Olympic Stadium - Digital Marketing Office London

(View of the Olympic Stadium from our office)

The office of Digital Snowball is in a converted warehouse, with a view of the Olympic Stadium, it is very funky. My time so far in London has consisted of the major tourist sites, aka Buckingham Palace. In comparison, East London seems far more real and progressive. Although graffiti and broken billboards are usually seen as signs of poor or rough areas, here it feels appropriate and artistic. I had heard plenty about East London being an up and coming area during the Olympics, but now I truly see it for myself. The selection of iCity as preferred bidder for Olympic Park space would boost East London even more into becoming a hub for the technological and creative industries. If you have not heard of iCity yet, check out the press release here: iCity Press Release. I am so pleased to be able to be a part of the evolution for a short while, and hopefully return once it has fully developed, maybe even move to London and feel that I fit in again? Here’s to hoping, but for now, I will just need to start dressing a little cooler.

Hackney Wick Street Art - Digital Marketing London

(My walk to work every morning)

Keep up with my blog updates during my time in London and here at Digital Snowball, and feel free to comment!

I will be working a lot with the search engine optimisation in London, see the service here.

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