music video tim green

Tim Green – Helpless Sun

Disc Over label boss Tim Green has released a new video for ‘Helpless Sun’, a track from his latest EP on the My Favourite Robot label. Directed by Steven McInerney […]


Bass Clef ‘Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare’

Steven McInerney directs the official video for Bass Clef’s ‘Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare’ which sets its deep-space musical drift to an appropriately sci-fi esque visual vista. Post-produced entirely at Digital […]


Jon Hopkins ‘Immunity’

Stunning time-lapse photography of crystal growth and chemical reactions soundtracked by music from Jon Hopkins’ upcoming album Immunity forms the basis of this new audiovisual experience, produced in collaboration with […]

An Inside View: 3 Key Benefits of joining a Small Business!!

  What does my Diary Post give you?? What encouraged me to write a diary post of my time so far at Digital Snowball (DS)? Hopefully it was not entirely […]

Dunk In The Dark Vs Oscars Selfie: Why Oreo is the King of Social Media Marketing!!

Oreo Vs Samsung Oreo and Samsung are both pioneers of Social Media Marketing! Oreo’s Super Bowl campaign, “You can still Dunk in the Dark” was credited for introducing Real-Time advertising[1] whilst the […]

Using Google Analytics with no trained Analysts is like buying an X-ray Machine but not hiring any Doctors.

Google Analytics is a vastly powerful tool. I still can’t quite believe that, for no cost, anyone can access the massive memory banks of Google’s databases. However, what I would […]