music video tim green

Tim Green – Helpless Sun

Directed by Steven McInerney with visual designer Paul Skawinski, this video uses a customised projector to detail a series of chemistry experiments that combine oils, acid base liquids and a […]


Circle Traps – Portent

Steven McInerney directs the new single ‘Portent’ for London electronica outfit Circle Traps. Now working with Lex Records, Circle Traps’ new EP ‘Machine City’ is another brave step forward. There’s […]


Reiss Parfume – Grey Flower

Digital Snowball were commissioned to handle the post production for the debut men’s and women’s fragrance from Reiss creating an alluring, enticing and magnetic film. Directed by award winning photographer […]

How to get a Google AdWords Campaign right: The #1 Instruction that you Need to Know!!

Only #1 Instruction Without adequate knowledge, Google AdWords campaigns can be immensely difficult to get right and profit from consistently. And yet (luckily for me) when writing this post I only […]

SEO’s Need to Knows: The 4 Ps that’ll keep your SEO on track.

The Facts Negative Fact: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is inevitably a long and costly process. Positive Fact: SEO has the potential to be the single most cost-effective way to reach […]

An Inside View: 3 Key Benefits of joining a Small Business!!

  What does my Diary Post give you?? What encouraged me to write a diary post of my time so far at Digital Snowball (DS)? Hopefully it was not entirely […]